Understand, Appreciate and Celebrate the Culture and Heritage of India

Traditions of India

The most significant details of language and legends of the entire existence of human race are treasured in India.

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Ayurveda teaches living with harmony with nature and natural body constitution for healing with additional benefits and no side effects.

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Intersting India

A land of hundreds of festivals, thousands of traditions, practiced since the ancient times

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Ancient Yoga routines spread the light into the darkest corner of the body. Making Yoga the routine of life is the bet preventive cure. 

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Culture of India

India is the knowledge base of architecture from ancient sculptures,
structures and civilisations. 

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Indian Art forms

Nothing seems to be forgotten are undone, it is just a matter of learning and evolving. 
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Cuisine of India

The process of making every meal at home from scratch for the family starts in India. The taste, the variety and the health of the family matters for food
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